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Subitize all year long with this bundle of sorts. In the fall your students will be sorting apples into their matching baskets. In the winter they will be sorting snowflakes onto the correct snowy tree. In the spring your students will be sorting flowers under the correct watering can. Finally, in the summer your students will be sorting ice cream scoops on top of the correct cone.

All sorts include ten frames, fingers counting, dice, and tally marks. Start with one and slowly add more as your students demonstrate a confidence in their subitizing. You can also start with only a few numbers out (for instance only the 3 and 4 basket and matching apples) until they are ready for more.

The sorts are all designed to be similar so your students will develop independence with them as the year goes on.

For a free preview of the fall sort check out: FREE FALL SUBITIZING SORT