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This hands-on fun pack, containing 40 task cards is perfect for teaching subject and predicate. These Grade 2-5 activity cards are great for grammar lessons and literacy centers. Simple subjects and simple predicates SCOOT game is so much fun! Just print, laminate, cut and go!

This pack includes 40 task cards, an anchor chart, 2 challenge cards and answer sheets for students to record their sentences.

Children have to write simple subjects in the first 20 cards and simple predicates in next 20 cards to complete the given sentences.

Each card has been carefully prepared so as to match the skill level of your students. 2 Challenge Cards are also included for that extra push to their mental exercise. You can print and put the Anchor Chart in your class to help students get the concept clear in their minds.

Here’s what all you get in this fun and engaging pack:

● 20 Task Cards: Write simple subject

● 20 Task Cards: Write simple predicate

● 2 Challenge Cards

● Anchor Chart

● 2 Answer Sheets for recording sentences

All you have to do is print, laminate and cut out the task cards. Let your kids learn while having fun!

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