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This set of 4 worksheets covers the differences between
subject and object pronouns and how to use each one, as well as object
pronouns used as the object of a preposition.

Explanations and examples are included on the worksheets.

Worksheets include:

  • Subject Pronouns & Object Pronouns (students choose the correct word from 2 given to fill in blanks in the sentences);
  • Subject Pronouns & Object Pronouns (students rewrite sentences, replacing underlined subject & object nouns with the correct pronouns);
  • Pronouns as Object of the Preposition. (students identify prepositional phrases in sentences and circle the pronoun that acts as the object, and also write 2 sentences of their own
    using prepositional phrases with pronouns);
  • Pronouns as Object of the Preposition. (students rewrite sentences, replacing the noun in the underlined prepositional phrase with an appropriate pronoun).

Designed for students in Grades 4, 5 & 6. Great for students just learning about these pronouns, and also for review/practice.

Answer keys are included for quick and easy grading.

Supports Common Core standards in language usage.