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Succeed in Subtraction – Bundled Task Cards and Center (2 Resources)

Math Center: Mixed Representations – Subtraction is a matching activity designed to build both a conceptual and working understanding that amounts can be represented in many ways.

It develops mental computational fluency, creates flexibility in counting and is an ideal resource for independent math centers or math station rotations.

This resource contains:

  • 61 cards / 20 matches (3 cards to a match) and one title card.
  • PDF and PNG files.


Know Your Subtraction – Double-digit is a set of task cards designed to provide students with opportunities to improve their conceptual understanding of regrouping using pictorial representations of base ten blocks.

Working through the questions, students will begin to strengthen their faculty for mental computation which is the perfect training ground for the time when larger number and more complex sets of problems are introduced.

Although these cards are commonly used as task cards, they have also been used successfully in math centers or rotations.

This resources contains:

  • A total of 25 cards (24 task cards and 1 title card)
  • Student recording sheet
  • Answer key
  • Complete PDF and individual PNG files of the cards also included

Wishing you all the best as your students Succeed in Subtraction!