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Prefixes and Suffixes are at the heart of Morphology in the Orton Gillingham Lessons. Teaching prefixes, suffixes and bases helps your students build their vocabulary. With these flashcards, posters, checklist, lesson plan guide, and several worksheets for each suffix, you will have everything you need to teach the 20 most common suffixes. The Science of Reading suggests that advanced phonics for 3rd-5th grade students is crucial for developing strong readers. This packet has multiple opportunities for your students to practice using the following suffixes…

-s, -es



-er, -or




-able, -ible







-al, -ial

-ty, -ity

-ous, -ious




This packet includes several practice pages for each suffix, posters, and flashcards. Thank you for shopping with Classroom Base Camp for your suffix lessons and suffix worksheets.