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Scoot is a game that will get your students up and moving around while practicing or reviewing skills at the same time! Never played Scoot before? Don’t worry! Directions included!


Scoot is more fun than a worksheet and gives students the chance to move around! Students can be very ACTIVE and need LOTS of handwriting practice. I created this game to make the task of handwriting more fun for my class. It is my hope your class enjoys it too!


30 word cards are included and response sheets for classes of 20, 24, or 30 students. If you have fewer than 20 or more than 24 but less than 30 students in your class, simply cross out the boxes you do not need. Both landscape and portrait versions are included.


Alternative Use: You could use the Scoot cards as task cards or Write Around the Room cards. Three special recording sheets are included where students can choose a word and write a sentence with it or just practice writing the word.


Total of 7 Scoot response forms included and 3 write the room forms.