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Item description

This product includes various Summer landscape backgrounds in different settings: Farm, Beach, River, Field and Desert which you can use in your digital or printable resources (BOOM Cards, activities, PowerPoint Presentations, and others).

They are fun to use as backgrounds for Virtual Field Trips or Virtual Scavenger Hunts.

They are colorful and attractive and can be used when teaching different themes.

What is included?

  • 25 total backgrounds are included.
  • 5 main designs / settings
  • Each is available in different versions of simplicity so you would have freedom in tailoring them to fit your different needs. You may add elements or overlay text over the backgrounds.
  • The main designs are:

1. farm: available in 3 versions + 1 Black and White

2. beach: available in 5 versions + 1 Black and White

3. river: available in 5 versions + 1 Black and White

4. field: available in 4 versions + 1 Black and White

5. desert: available in 3 versions + 1 Black and White


They are all high resolution jpeg images and the download file is a zip file.

Please read my terms of use before using my product.


My terms of Use:

All graphics by Fruits of Perseverance are for personal and commercial use.

Personal Use:

My graphics can be used in your personal documents, lessons or resources. Please make sure all digital files are secured in a PDF file or another secured format.

Commercial Use:

You may use my free graphics or paid graphics for products you create and sell.

However, PLEASE provide credit to Fruits of Perseverance by including my Teachers Pay Teachers website somewhere in the file/credits page of your product. You can also create a hyperlink using my logo and my store’s address.

My logo icon is included as part of your purchase download if you would like

to use it.