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Dive into summer with this set of themed activities! These are perfect for first to second grade.


WORD WALL CARDS – 21 illustrated cards that can be used to build vocabulary, as a writing aid, and for write the room activities


WRITE THE ROOM WORKSHEETS – For use with the word wall cards, includes short/long vowel words, syllables, compound words.




SENSES IN SUMMER GRAPHIC ORGANIZER – Students complete the organizer by adding things they see, feel, smell, and hear in summer.


STATES OF MATTER SORT – Sort pictures of summer related items according to whether they are solid, liquid, or gas. Includes 3 heading cards (solid, liquid, gas) and 12 object cards.


REPEATING PATTERNS CENTER – Students complete the pattern using picture cards and identify what type of pattern each is (AB, ABB, etc.) Includes 15 different picture pattern strips, matching letter pattern cards, and picture cards.


PLACE VALUE ICE CREAM CONES – Build ice cream cones by matching 2-digit numbers on the cones with scoops showing the corresponding expanded form, word form, and base-ten block model. Includes 13 cones and 39 ice cream scoops.