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Summer Christmas Bingo is perfect for Australian or Hawaiian teachers
and students who are celebrating Christmas in the summer season or
summer like weather; this is also perfect for teachers in other parts
of the world to teach students about the differences in Christmas around
the world!  This is a great addition to your holiday themed math
center, and it is especially perfect to play during groups. I hope your
students enjoy Summer Christmas Bingo! These have cute summer Christmas
themed graphics such as a snowman with sunshades and floaty, surfing
snowman, sloth with Santa hat and sunglasses, summer refreshments,
bright colored Christmas trees, sun, palm tree, bright colored
Christmas elves, and more!

Bingo games are wonderful for
introducing children to math skills such as finding matches, for
improving critical thinking skills, for improving concentration skills,
and just for making learning into a fun game! Laminate cards. Cut out
the bingo cards, and cut out the calling cards. The bingo cards should
just be trimmed along the black border; the calling cards should be cut
into small, individual cards. Call out the holiday pictures and colors.
Let children use bingo daubers, dot markers, dry erase markers, or math
counters to mark their squares. Play as a typical game of bingo. If
markers are used, just wipe the laminated cards clean to be used again.
Game includes six Bingo cards plus calling cards.

⭐ Standards
used in this resource are Head Start Early Learning Outcomes
Framework Standards: Infant Toddler Domains up to 36 Months and
Preschooler Domains.

Infant Toddler Domains: Cognition: Emergent Mathematical Thinking

Goal IT-C 10. Child uses matching and sorting of objects or people to understand similar and different characteristics.

goal is met by children understanding whether the card you hold up is
similar or different to the objects on their bingo card; the children
will determine whether or not they have a match.

Preschooler Domains: Mathematics Development: Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Goal P-MATH 6. Child understands addition as adding to and understands subtraction as taking away from.

goal is met by children adding dots to their bingo cards. They will
have to keep adding to their dots until they have nine dots to complete

Preschooler Approaches to Learning: Cognitive Self-Regulation (Executive Functioning)

Goal P-ATL 6. Child maintains focus and sustains attention with minimal adult support.

Goal P-ATL 7. Child persists in tasks.

Goal P-ATL 8. Child holds information in mind and manipulates it to perform tasks.

Other standards might also be met as conversations happen during the bingo game.

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