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Question of the Day Summer Fun Set


This is a set of twenty five questions with two answer choices with a
summer and outdoor theme. About half of the questions have yes/no
answers and the other half give two choices. These are useful in
teaching graphing and math concepts in addition to encouraging
discussion about the topic.


I use these with a small pocket chart near the entrance of my classroom.
Students answer the question when they enter the class by putting a
card with their name under the appropriate choice. During circle time
we count how many answered each choice and discuss words like more,
less, most, least, and unanimous. 

 If you want to save on paper, you could choose to put two pages on one
page in your printer window to make smaller questions and answer cards. I
print on cardstock, cut them apart and laminate so that I can keep them
from year to year.

This is included in my Question of the Day Bundle.