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Read, Find, and Write is a quick, no-prep way for your students to practice reading vocabulary words and writing sentences.


How to use Read, Find Write:

1. Students first will read what they need to find in the picture. They will find a different number of each item.


2. After reading, they will then find the item(s) in the picture. I suggest having your students circle each found item as well as coloring them in the same color. For example, if looking for 5 flowers, have them circle the flowers and then color each flower the same color. When finding the next item(s), have them use a different color


3. After finding all the items, students will then write sentences using the words of items they found, or using the words of other pictures seen on the page.


A full page of writing lines has been included so that you can copy it on the backside of a Read, Find, Write page so students have even more room for writing sentences.


I hope this provides a fun, quick way for your students to get some writing practice!


These pages could be used in the following ways:

• Time filler (when you need something quick and low-prep to do!)

• Work for early finishers

• Writing center

• Leave in your sub plans

• Morning work

• Homework


Page Topics for Read, Find, Write Summer:

Summer Things

Summer Clothing

Summer Owls

Summer Stamps

Summer Cuties

Safe in the Sun

Graduation Time

Ocean Animals

Beach Time

Swimming Fun

Camping Kids

Blowing Bubbles

Buggy Kids

A Magic Show

Once Upon a Time

Racing Fun

Summer Treats

Garage Sale

Let’s Watch a Movie

Road Trip

Let’s Go Fishing

Playful Pirates

Space Fun

Awesome Aliens

4th of July