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Summer math review packet for first graders rising into second grade.


Everything you need to make sure your first graders are ready for second grade next school year!


****NO PREP – Just Print & Go!***

50 first grade review & second grade step-up practice sheets (that’s 10 weeks worth of summer math practice), letter home from teacher to parents, and pacing guide! (standards included!)



Concepts Reviewed & Included:

-addition facts practice

-subtraction facts practice

-fact families

-extending number sequences

-completing missing numbers in number sequences

-finding missing addends

-finding missing parts

-modeling two-digit numbers

-addition word problems

-subtraction word problems

-two-digit addition


-1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less

-writing numbers as words and words as numbers

-doubles, doubles plus 1, doubles plus 2

-number line addition

-number line subtraction

-identifying 2D and 3D shapes

-tally charts and picture graphs

-place value (tens and ones)

-number riddles

-making ten

-ten frame addition & subtraction

-addition with 3 addends

-telling time to the hour and half-hour

-addition and subtraction using a hundred chart

-equal shares, halves, and quarters/fourths

-write your own word problems to match equations

-length: identifying longest and shortest objects


The last week targets skills that will help students step up to second grade:

-odd & even

-skip counting by 5 and 10 within three-digit numbers

-place value (hundreds, tens, ones)



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