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This summer prepositions adapted book and activities resource features a seagull and goggles. It targets 10 positional words or prepositions of place. This summer positional words adapted book allows students to look at the picture, read the sentence and choose the correct preposition from the list on the side. This book can be used year round or can be a fun addition to your summer prepositions unit.

The adapted book is available in color and black and white for your convenience.

The following 10 prepositions are included:
above, around, between, behind, in/inside, in front, next to/beside*, on/on top*, under/below/beneath*, over.

* = You can select which of these you which to focus on.

Mini Interactive Booklet

Students cut around the dotted lines and create a mini booklet by stapling down the side or top corner. Students are then required to cut out the 10 preposition images and glue/stick them onto the correct page after reading each sentence. The preposition in each sentence is underlined.

Preposition Flash Cards
Available in color and black and white

Print, laminate and cut out the cards and use them as flash cards, reference cards, vocabulary cards or posters. You can use these before introducing the adapted book and discuss each preposition and the relationship between the seagull and goggles.