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These thematic vocabulary, reading, math, cooking, communication, and content activities are the perfect addition to your thematic group instruction! Each unit contains 12 different unit activities in color and black & white and is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities. These units are:

  • cross-curricular: contains vocabulary, visual recipes, read aloud communication boards, weekend reports for home communication, math, and content (Science/Language/or Social Studies)

  • engaging: hands-on activities encourage interaction and communication

  • picture-supported: using PCS from Mayer Johnson

  • predictable: due to similar formatting across units

  • ready-to-use: most activities simply need printed but can be laminated or made into velcro boards for increased durability and interaction

  • tested: I have developed and used these activities over many years of teaching in a special education classroom

Activities in this Summer unit include (see preview for details):

  • Vocabulary Word and Picture Cards

  • Visual Recipes (2)

  • Weekend Report for home communication (2)

  • Reading Communication Board for popular picture book

  • Math Activities (3)

  • Game Board (2)

  • Writing Activity

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