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Vowel-consonant-e, super e, magic e, and sneaky e. These syllable types and syllable division practice activities include Google Slides and printable pages that will help students learn to decode and spell multisyllabic words. This packet introduces and practices:

► Vowel-Consonant-e syllable type.

(Also called super-e, magic-e, or sneaky e)

► Single syllable and multisyllable words.

► Syllable division types

VC/CV, V/CV, and VC/V

► Multisyllable words with open, closed, and VCe syllables

► Syllable segmentation and blending

Syllable identification is a crucial skill to prepare students for reading and spelling longer, difficult words. Teach the basics of syllables with this third in a series of 6 Super Syllable Practice Packets.


► 6 anchor charts in color and black and white

► Teaching tips and activities

► 15 printable practice worksheets

► 30 super e single syllable practice activities in Google Slides™. These coordinate with the slide and read activity.

► 10 digital syllable puzzle practice activities for Google Slides™. This includes 80 pieces to make 40 two-syllable words.

► 96 printable puzzle pieces (makes 48 real words) for practice sorting, matching, and segmenting syllables.

► 2 Interactive/craft activities

► Word lists for instruction

► Recording and review sheets

► Interactive notebook page

► Answer key

► Lists of additional digital and print syllable resources