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Display this on your bulletin board for a reminder to use super reader strategies which include: preview, summarize, self monitor, connections, visualize, predict, infer.

To assemble this wonderful piece you will need: scissors, card stock, clear tape, laminating pouches, and thermal laminator.

How to assemble your “super reader strategies” bulletin.


  1. To make sure your bulletin will be preserved to be used in the future print out on cardstock. You will need 20 cardstock pages. Print pages 4 to 23.
  2. Cut out all your letters and books.
  3. You will need about 20 laminating pouches unless you get really creative and fit more letters into the pouches. Start laminating all your cut outs. 🙂
  4. Cut out all your letters and books.
  5. Use clear tape to attach your letters and books to the bulletin board and you are done!

To store your bulletin board assortments just place in large Ziploc bag.

Pictures of final project included.

The whole piece will be around 3 ft. high and 4.5 ft. long and may vary according to your placement.

Have fun!