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Surface Area and Volume real life application problem

This project gives students a chance to apply their skills of basic surface area and volume and to see how complex it can become when a real-world scenario is given. The charts are given in a way such that the students will find the information as they go along. I spend about 10 minutes a day for a week going over questions and giving suggestions and give the students about 10 days to complete the report. With these two included samples I have gotten some amazing work from my students.

✅Project includes charts, student samples (these are also the answer keys) and a rubric for grading the project. Students work through finding the missing side lengths of the refrigerator and freezer given side lengths. They then determine the area and surface area of the given refrigerators. Next they’ll compare the three refrigerators to determine which one would be there pick without knowing pricing and why. To add surface area, students will find the cost of adding an extra liner in the freezer for each refrigerator.