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Are you looking for an interactive and self-correcting resource to review finding the surface area of cones with your students? There are 2 different pictures with 16 problems for each picture. Students start with the picture totally covered by the answer boxes. As they answer each question correctly, more and more of the covered picture is revealed.

These Boom cards would be great on a laptop, desktop, Chrome book, tablet, or any other mobile device that can access the internet. They can even be used on your Smart Board or Zoom. Here’s the best part – they are self-grading and allow you to track student progress. Plus, they’re no prep which means no printing, laminating, or storage.

Teachers have the option to use the cards to differentiate for students. Struggling students may need fewer cards to practice and teachers can hide the cards that may be more difficult. Other students may easily complete all the cards. This is a great choice that teachers can make for individual students.

Boom Cards live in the cloud. A new option is for teachers to be able to print the cards. . They play on most modern browsers, Android, i Pads, i Phones, and Kindle Fires. You open a Boom Learning account to play them (to protect the children). Create Fast Play pins to assign your Boom Cards to students.

Boom Learning also has premium accounts. Premium accounts offer advanced assignment tools, individual and whole class performance tracking, and more. If you are a new Boom Learning customer, when you redeem your Boom Cards purchase you get 90-day free trial of a premium account. When your trial ends, you can renew or move to a free account. You may upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Free accounts use purchased Boom Cards with Fast Play pins.

The Boom Cards™ Include:

• Built In Answer Key

• Sharing Instructions

Digital Self-Checking Boom Task Cards do not require printing, laminating, or cutting! Great to use for:

• Whole Class Instruction

• Mini Lessons

• Small Group Instruction

• Math Centers

• Independent Work

• Intervention

Once assigned to a class and student the deck is available for homework/review at home.