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Item description

This set of Google Slides™ uses an Orton-Gillingham, structured literacy approach to practice syllable division rules. Using digital, multisensory activities, students build and divide words and label the six syllable types. These practice boards help with decoding and spelling multisyllabic words. It can also be used for simple word building with CVC and other single-syllable words. These can be used again and again for endless practice.

What’s Included

► 8 syllable practice boards for use in Google Slides™.

► Movable letter and vowel tiles to build words

► Movable syllable type labels

► Tips and instructions for using the slides

► Printable and digital syllable division anchor charts for reference.

► Word lists for practicing the following syllable division rules.

VC/CV – V/CV – VC/V – /CLE – V/V – V/CCV – VCC/V –

► Add your own words list so you can use this for any lesson.

More Resources on Teaching and Practicing Syllable Division

★ The Super Syllable Division Resource Book is a ready reference for using syllable division rules to decode multisyllable words. Students create their own books including tips and tricks to divide and read syllables. Also included is an interactive notebook word sort activity for practice with each rule

★ Super Syllable Division Connect Games – (Print and Digital Version to use with Google Slides) are a fun way to practice using syllable division rules to read multisyllable words. Thirteen different game boards use common syllable division rules help students improve reading skills. Players must correctly divide syllables to connect four words and win the game. An anchor chart provides visual clues. Game boards increase in difficulty to easily provide differentiated practice.