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“When will I ever use this?” The famous question asked by every Algebra student. Give your students a REAL application of systems of equations with this mini project!


When textbook application problems aren’t cutting it to spark your students’ interest, these “When Will I Ever Use This” mini projects will give them the real life application they are craving. From doctors, to accountants, to business owners, and beyond, algebra is used everyday by a variety of professionals.


Professional: Business Owner/ Entrepreneur


Task: Students will become entrepreneurs, creating a system of linear equations for their cost and earnings. They will use the system of equations that they set up to graph and answer questions about when they break-even point and profits at various times.

Algebra Skills:

  • Writing a system of equations
  • Graphing a system of equations
  • Using a system of equations to find various profit points.


This mini project is perfect to use as a unit-ending activity for exponential functions for Algebra 1 or Algebra 2.