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“When will I ever use this?” The famous question asked by every Algebra student. Give your students a REAL application of systems of inequalities with this mini project!


When textbook application problems aren’t cutting it to spark your students’ interest these “When Will I Ever Use This” mini projects will give them the real life application they are craving to know. From doctors, to accountants, to business owners, and beyond, algebra is used everyday by a variety of professionals.


Professional: Media Advertiser


Task: In this Systems of Inequalities mini project, students will work for a social media advertisement company, using the constraints from them client to figure out how many minutes of advertising will work for the clients budget. They will be given several constraints to analyze and then graph. Students will get to learn an important and useful application of systems of inequalities!


This mini project is perfect to use as a unit-ending activity for exponential functions for Algebra 1 or Algebra 2.