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TCH/CH Trigraph Spelling Rule – or the Soldier Rule…. This “TCH or CH Spelling” packet features engaging resources to help your students learn all about when to use the TCH and when to use the CH spelling and will give students practice reading /ch/ sound words spelled tch or ch. With these activities, the students will be given the opportunity to identify and write words with the TCH trigraph or CH digraph spelling and includes many different learning experiences which will help them master this spelling and reading rule. The Science of Reading tells us that students need explicit phonics instruction to master reading and spelling rules like the Soldier Rule. There are “Soldier Rule” rules posters, OG lesson guides, independent work, fluency practice, and graphic organizers. Although these activities work perfectly as an Orton Gillingham lesson, the pages will work with any reading program! These activity pages are designed with the dyslexia font to support students with dyslexia (and all students). Check out the preview to see what is included.

1 . Cover Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Scope & Sequence (Highlighted)

4. – 6. Orton Gillingham Lesson Plan Guides

7. Soldier Rule Introduction Poster

8. Soldier Rule Word List Poster (DGE, TCH, CK)

9. TCH or CH Spelling Rules Poster

10. TCH or CH Poster Black & White

11. TCH/CH Rule Poster half page for student reading journal

12. TCH Syllable Division Activity worksheet

13. – 14 TCH and CH word Label and color activity pages

15 – 16. TCH and CH Brainstorm activity page

17. TCH or CH Sorting Activity

18. TCH or CH Spelling Activity Worksheet

19. CH and TCH Word Ladder activity

20. TCH Words Fill in the Blank Worksheet

21. TCH and CH Words Word Search Activity

22. TCH and CH Words Fluency Practice

23.- 24. Answer Keys

25. Credits

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