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Great for Distance Learning! Prep free! Teaching Science/Environment through Close Reading and Fine Arts using GLAD strategies. Grade 1-5.

Materials include lesson plans, activity pages, and posters with both student version and teacher’s version (with teaching scripts).

This is a mini bundle of 6 individual products. Each product comes with:

• Student Package:

—- Info Organizer

—- Reading Passage(s)

—- Text Dependent Questions Set(s)

—- Vocabulary Sheet

• Teacher Package

—- Info Organizer with Answers

—- Reading Passage(s) with Reading Marks

—-Text Dependent Questions Set (s) with Answers

—- Vocabulary Sheet with Answers

—- Drawings (with & without labels) in Color and Black Line

—- Lesson Plan (embedded in 2 teaching scripts: 1 for Reading Passage and 1 for Text Dependent Questions Set)

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