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In this lesson, students use critical thinking and research skills to determine how a specific form of technology evolved. Working with a partner or small group, students start with where their chosen technology was prior to 1900 and then take it through 5 more steps of evolution to the present day.

Students use the Internet for research to determine what had to happen between each step to move their technology to the next iteration. Worksheets are provided for six high interest topics, with an editable blank form (PowerPoint) if the teacher chooses to add another topic (or let students choose a different topic). The worksheets are two pages (print front and back). Resources for the teacher and students include a short list of Internet sites as a starting point for each research topic. A sample completed worksheet is also included for one topic. Topics included are:

• How We Listen to Music

• How We Watch a Movie

• How We Take Photographs

• How We Communicate on the Telephone

• How We Research Information

• How We Tell Time

This lesson was designed for middle school (grades 6-8) but could be used in upper elementary as well.

Files included:

• Teacher & Student Resources

• Technology Then & Now Student Expectations, Instructions and Grading Rubric

• Technology Then & Now Student Worksheets (6 topics, plus an editable blank – both color and black and white versions of each)

• Sample Project