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A set of 134 SUMMERTIME social inferences digital Google Slides™ task cards targeting teens and older students (middle and high school) for distance learning. 39 different social scenarios using real-life images are presented to help students practice their social inferencing skills. All of the scenarios in this packet are related to SUMMER and have a SUMMER theme. Each scenario contains a multiple choice question and then between 3-9 open-ended inferencing questions (for students to type in their responses). Click here to see the resource in action.

The activities within this product target different inferencing skills such as (but not limited to):

-Emotion identification

-Perspective-taking (what are they thinking?)

-Making social predictions (what will they do and say next?)

-Reading a situation to figure out ‘what’ is happening.

-Reading a situation to work out ‘why’ something is happening.

-Reading body language and figuring out what the body language is communicating.

In this download, you will receive a PDF file that contains the links to the google slides file.

You will simply:

-Click on link

-Click on ‘save a copy’

……And then, viola…..the file will automatically open and save into your google drive.