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Telling time No-prep worksheets: Are you looking for fun, engaging, and effective telling time activities? Then this No-Prep packet can come in handy for teaching kids how to tell time to the nearest hour.

This packet covers 6 parts:

  • Time by the Hour
  • Time by the Half Hour
  • Quarter Past and Quarter to the Hour
  • Time with 15 Minute Increments
  • Time with 5 Minute Increments

Here is what is included in this Telling Time Packet:

  • Choose the correct time
  • Fill in the correct time on each clock
  • Roll and Draw the time
  • Draw the hands (Draw the hands on the clock)
  • Match the right time

How to make the most of this FULL resource: 

Those telling time exercises can be used in solos, partner, or small group activities. We prepare tons of different versions for each type of concept so that practice time/test time can be challenging enough to help kids work on their own.