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Self-Grading Self-Checking Puzzled Template for Google Sheets (Back to School)

Are you looking for new ways to engage your students that are self-grading, self-checking, and that provide immediate feedback? This 16 Question Puzzled Template for Google Sheets makes creating your own engaging, self-grading, and self-checking activities easy! This Google Sheet template is pre-formulated for you.  All you need to do is add your content (questions) and answers.

➡️ Here is how it works:

Students will complete a task and type their answers in. If they are correct, the answer will turn green, and they will receive a puzzle piece. If they are incorrect the box will turn red and they will not receive a puzzle piece. Once all answers are correct and all puzzle pieces have been earned, the picture to the puzzle will appear and a link to a Google Slide will appear.  Students will open the link and put the puzzle together. 

The included spreadsheet is formatted to accept up to two answers. This product can be used for any subject area and any grade level.

➡️ Here’s what’s included:

⭐Detailed Instructions (written and video)

⭐Puzzled Google Sheet Template with 16 Questions and Answers

⭐A Link to a Google Slide with All the Puzzle Pieces for Student to Put Their Puzzle Together Once all Answers are Correct.

⭐PowerPoint Template to Create the Task Cards for the Activity

➡️ What You Need to Know:

The digital resources were created using Google Sheets and Google Slides. You need a free Google account.

➡️ This is a low-prep resource! Just add your content, make some protections, and it’s ready to assign to your students!!

➡️ Who should purchase this resource?

  • Teachers looking for engaging activities
  • Teachers looking for ways to differentiate and scaffold for students
  • Teachers teaching any subject or content area
  • Teachers looking to give students immediate feedback
  • Teacher authors looking to create engaging and effective resource

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