Item description

This is a fun ten frame and twenty frames pumpkin-themed counting activity!

The child chooses a number card and fills in the ten-frame or twenty-frames with that number of manipulatives.


Optional: The child records the number on the recording sheet. 3 choices. Numbers 0-10, 10-20, and 0-20.


GAME: 2 players. Each child takes turns picking a card, counting out the number of manipulatives onto the ten or twenty-frames and record their number on their recording sheet.


Skills used: number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, counting to cardinality, understand quantity from 0-20.


Manipulatives: orange pom-poms, pumpkin candy, pumpkin erasers, pumpkin cheerios, orange buttons, orange beads, or blocks.


Prepare: Print, cut and laminate for multiple uses.


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This is perfect for early finishers, early intervention, in addition to a lesson, student-teacher, parent helper, homeschool, and centers!