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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this fun, interactive, and engaging Google Slides activity!


30 slides are included, with movable images! (I wanted to give you and your students a nice number of slides, but feel free to make it smaller by removing slides, if you need a shorter activity). These slides are designed to practice not only addition facts to 10, but to build number sense as well!!


The following activities are included in the slides:

  1. Title page
  2. Count the gold coins and select the correct number (4 slides)
  3. Find the sum (5 slides)
  4. Read the number and drag the correct amount of gold coins into the pot (4 slides)
  5. Find the missing addend (4 slides)
  6. Build two different equations with the same three numbers (4 slides)
  7. Identify which number is greatest and which number is smallest from a set of numbers (4 slides)
  8. Fix the number line by dragging the numbers into the correct location (4 slides)


The link to make your Google Slides copy of the presentation is included in the PDF file, along with instructions for how to access the resource and how to create and assign a Google Classroom assignment with it.

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