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Student will build their own mini book on Texas. They will get to find out the biggest city, state flower, state bird, capital, what Texas means, where it came from, Native American tribes that were there, states that border Texas, and much more! Their 10 page book will be shaped like Texas and can be easily stapled or glued together. They will also get to tell you what new information they learned that they did not know before!


Have your students go on a web quest and start doing research on their own in a single page on a web browser. Students will get to see videos and photos of Texas and learn historical and current information about the state. All the information they need will be on one web page and they will not need to travel outside that one web page. This will allow students to have attention to keywords, know better how to research information on a webpage, and learn key details they might not have known. This a perfect stepping stone for those students that have not done research before and its all in one webpage which will make them feel more capable and comfortable for more in depth research in the future.


The ZIP file will include the following PDF files:

  • One large size Texas book

  • One small size Texas book

  • Additional blank Texas templates

  • Student Web Quest Link

  • Answer Key


Happy researching!


Soumara @ Dressed in Sheets