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Three fun and easy to prepare Thanksgiving Science Activities for Middle Schoolers. These three FAITH-BASED activities are perfect for youth group, homeschool (or co-op), famiy fun night or Christian school.

Gratitude Experiment with Marshmallows:

Students will explore the similarities between marshmallows, instant gratification, gratitude… and what the Bible teaches about being thankful. Students will conduct FUN investigations on marshmallows.

Thanksgiving Object Lesson:

Students will love making biodegradable plastic from corn products and learn about popcorn in this hands-on Thanksgiving STEM activity. Students will also make the connection between the potential in a kernel of corn and the vision Pilgrims sacrificed for.

Thanksgiving Minute-to-Win-It:

his is a collection of faith-based Thanksgiving Minute to Win It games for Middle School students. Each game is introduced with a Bible story of someone who was thankful.

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