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Thanksgiving activities / Thanksgiving activity pack #backtoschool #back2school

you need a few activities to supplement Thanksgiving? This pack
contains 3 fun activities to keep your students entertained and engaged.

The first activity is a Thanksgiving
coloring page of a Turkey. Have a coloring competition to see who can
color the best. Try a listening skill where you dictate colors for
different parts of a turkey eg. color the head blue! 🙂

The second activity
is a Thanksgiving word search where the students will be required to
find 14 Thanksgiving inspired words. Make a challenge of it and set a
timer for each word eg. 1 minute to find the word “grateful”. See who
can find all the words in time. The word search also comes with a
solution page.

After learning these new words have a spelling bee 🙂

The final activity is
a little maze. It’s been designed in the body of a turkey 🙂 and is of
an easy level for young learners. Students will be required to find
their way through the maze by drawing a line from the start dot to the
end dot.

Mazes can also be used for special education students as they help with lateral thinking (problem solving).

Mazes improve cognitive skills

are brain boosting exercises. While solving theses mazes, it makes
students think, reason and remember. This in turn, sharpens memory,
builds focus and increases concentration. They are also really fun to
play 🙂

Interesting study

to a study by P. Chaerunnisa from the Department of Special Education,
State University of Malang, Indonesia – Maze games or Labyrinths assist
children with autism develop interpersonal skills. Read more

activities are stimulating and can be adapted to suit various levels.
Students will special needs will also be able to participate and enjoy
these resources

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