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Are your students working on mastering or reviewing their addition and subtraction facts? This set of EASY PREP Thanksgiving Race to the Top Addition and Subtraction Fact Game Boards will have your students engaged in some gobbling good fun (and help them work on those facts)! This resource is sure to become a student favorite!


Benefits of using this resource include…

  • students can play in pairs or individually

  • each student can work on the set(s) of facts that they need to work on; for example one student can work on +8 facts while their partner works on -7 facts

  • students are engaged

  • great alternative to a standard worksheet

  • 23 game boards are included so students can play again and again

  • easily used for fast finishers

  • game boards provide targeted practice for each set of facts (+2, +3, +4, etc.) so students can focus on the facts they need to work on



Just copy the game boards and get out dice (number cubes) for your students to use. Students will use a pencil, crayons, 1 die, and a game board to play.


You can use this activity in a variety of ways- whole group, during centers or stations, in small group, with parent volunteers, the possibilities are endless!


This activity can also be easily used by a substitute and will keep your students working and having fun- it’s a win for everyone!


Included you will find…

  • 12 addition game boards (from +2 to +10) … plus 3 mixed addition fact practice boards

  • 11 subtraction game boards (from -2 to -10) … plus 3 mixed subtraction fact practice boards