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This fun, no prep brain teaser resource is designed to keep grades 5-8 students engaged and busy in the exciting lead-up to Thanksgiving, while still exercising their brain cells. The brain teaser mystery stories require active listening and careful, inferential reading. The riddles, puzzles and writing races will provoke chuckles. Although most of the activities are individual ones, a few are team games that promote co-operative learning. Bring the spirit of this happy season into your classroom!

How to use this resource
The easiest way to use many of the activities is to project them onto your screen to allow the class to read the student guidelines. This includes the mysteries, the writing race, and the find the hidden objects activity. The answers to the brainteaser stories are on separate pages to avoid spoilers that would reduce the Thanksgiving fun. The writing race could be completed on scraps of paper from the recycling bin. Some of the activities, such as the maze and the board game, need to be photocopied. Putting all of the answer keys up on your screen will also reduce photocopying. 

The Internet is not required for any of the games.

I hope that your students have lots of fun!
Board game guidelines

One board needs to be photocopied for each group (3-4 students) playing together. The instructions can be posted on the screen, rather than photocopied. A dice or an on-line random throw generator is required for every group. Coins can be used as game markers.

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