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Tired of grading exams & extra practice? Get instant feedback with this NO PREP escape room & help your students assess their own performance. Focuses on syntax, conjunctions, emphasis, inversion & more. Ideal to foster team-building and metacognition and revise or test advanced concepts.

The ready-to-play pack features passages from English literature classics, and includes the following topics:

✔ Sentence elements

✔ Subordinate Clauses

✔ Defining vs. non-defining relative clauses

✔ demonstrative vs. relative “that”

✔ adjuncts, conjuncts & conjunctions

✔ emotive emphasis

✔ inversion for emphasis

✔ structural parallelism

✔ Extracts from English literature classics penned by Louisa May Alcott, L. Frank Baum, Nathaniel Hawthorne, James Fenimore Cooper, O. Henry & Jane Austen as well as Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation.



✪ 5 puzzles,

✪ 1 recording answer sheet

✪ 1 set of location images to help with the setting in classrooms that allow movement.

✪ Context and rules hand-out

✪ Self-assessment quiz

✪ Answer keys

✪ Teacher’s Notes

✪ 1 scoresheet to record the progress of each team, verify the EXIT combination and get feedback for future planning.



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