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Item description

This is a set of decodable readers about THANKSGIVING with a focus on developing reading comprehension in young students. It also includes vocabulary and sight words. Designed for beginning readers (1st grade).



  • Interactive (cut and paste) decodable book

  • Full-color decodable reader

  • Vocabulary Cards

  • Sight Word Cards

  • Comprehension Questions



Students read about Thanksgiving on each page and glue on the picture that goes with the text. A target word is highlighted in bold to help students find the correct picture. These are also good words for seasonal vocabulary instruction.


The last page of the book has four simple comprehension questions. One is multiple choice and the rest require a short written response. The answers are found directly in the story.


This version prints in black and white.



The full-color reader includes the same text as the black and white version without the cut and glue component. The pictures are already included on each page to provide visual support while reading. The comprehension questions in back are slightly different and formatted for discussion. They also provide opportunities to make text to self connections.


This version is perfect to use in your guided reading groups before student work on the interactive version independently. It could also be used for partner reading or for take-home reading practice.



A set of word cards with vocabulary about Thanksgiving is also included along with corresponding picture cards. These can be used to pre-teach vocabulary, as a matching activity in centers, or on your word wall.


A second set of word cards contain sight words found in the story that you may want to practice with your students. These are non-decodable words that students need to recognize by sight rather than sounding out.


This resource is included in a BUNDLE of 8 fall decodable readers – Fall Readers Bundle 1st Grade Comprehension