Item description


THANKSGIVING ROLL AND COVER MATH GAMES help students build number fluency, number recognition, counting, and addition skills practice. This Math Game can be played as “Roll and Color” or “Roll and Cover” games.

36 Game Boards!

6 Varied Skill Levels!

Color & Black and White versions!

3 Different Backgrounds!


  • Tutoring
  • Distance learning
  • Morning Work, Bell Ringers
  • Substitute Plans
  • Math Centers, Math Stations
  • Skill Practice or Review


  • 36 gameboards
  • 3 different boards (turkey, Pilgrim, Native American)
  • 6 different skill levels (count the dots on one dies, count the dots on 2 dice, roll the die +1, roll the die +2, roll 2 dice and add, open ended teacher’s choice)
  • Open-ended Teacher’s Choice boards are open for the teacher to write in the directions and fill in the appropriate numbers in the circles. This will help you meet those special outlying needs you may encounter in your class.
  • all games are in color and B&W
  • Color games are called “Roll & Cover” wherein students will “cover” spaces with cubes
  • B&W game are called “Roll & Color” wherein students will “color” spaces with crayons or a bingo dauber.