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Item description

This Thanksgiving Mini Book is a fun way to teach your students about the first Thanksgiving in a way they can easily understand. 

The book is all black and white so your kids can have fun coloring the images as they learn. The last two pages of the book includes 2 activities: “What are you thankful for?” and “Draw a Thanksgiving picture”. 

What’s Included

  • 2 black and white Worksheets filled with 4 Mini Pages each (to create an 8 page mini book). 


You are more than welcome to print as many copies as you need for yourself or your own classroom. To share with other teachers or homeschoolers, please purchase more than one license. I work very hard for little profit, but enjoy creating for other teachers and students very much! I offer a $0.50 cent discount on the price for multiple license purchases. Thank you so much! I appreciate your support more than you know! 

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Happy Thanksgiving!! Some images may have been provided by freepik, pixabay, super coloring, and/or allfreedownload.