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Thanksgiving Mini Math Mysteries are engaging addition and subtraction math activities that are designed to be done in one class period. There are 3 x 5 Math Mysteries in this pack (15 in Total). At the top of each page is a story to set the scene of the mystery, students then answer 16 questions to narrow down the suspects and options until they have solved these daily math questions.

This resource contains

5 x Color four-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping math mysteries

5 x Color three-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping math mysteries

5 x Color two-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping math mysteries

15 x Black and White versions of the same mysteries four-digit, three-digit, and two-digit mysteries

15 x Answer pages (Marking Key)

3 x Teacher instruction page for a print and go activity

3 x Color in page for Early Finishers

These 4-Digit, 3-Digit 2-Digit addition and subtraction with Regrouping worksheets provides an opportunity to practice mathematical skills as well as problem solving skills in a more practical context. The high interest topic Thanks Giving in these mysteries are also highly motivating for this age group and will capture their imagination.

These math mysteries are designed for second, third and fourth grade students. Could also be used with struggling fifth grade students that need a little extra work and reinforcement in adding and subbing. I also leave some of the mysteries for my sub teacher.

Math Mysteries are an independent escape room (or crack the code) type of activity where instead of using locks, students identify suspects with puzzles and word problems. This mystery is perfect all year round, start of school, end of year and any season. (fall, spring, summer and winter). But has been specifically for Thanksgiving in November and Fall.

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