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Item description

This is a set of Thanksgiving word wall cards and worksheets that can be used in your writing center, on your holiday bulletin boards, for read the room/write the room activities, building vocabulary, and more.


  • 20 illustrated word wall cards

  • Thanksgiving title/heading card

  • 3 worksheets that can be used along with the cards

Thanksgiving Word Wall Cards:

  • turkey

  • pilgrim

  • Mayflower

  • America

  • Plymouth Rock

  • Native American

  • feast

  • pie

  • pumpkin

  • corn

  • potatoes

  • gravy

  • football

  • parade

  • leaves

  • family

  • wishbone

  • harvest

  • November

  • oven


All of the worksheets include words from the word wall cards and can be used with them.

  • Thanksgiving Word Search – Includes answer key

  • Thanksgiving Syllables – Students read holiday related words, count the syllables, and glue the words onto a chart to sort them.

  • Thanksgiving ABC Order – Students find/choose 8 different words, record them, cut and glue them in alphabetical order.