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Gothic fiction is a genre that maximizes many high school students’ engagement with literature. “The Beast in the Cave” by H.P. Lovecraft is a Gothic short story featuring an ominous setting, a protagonist with a deteriorating psychological state, a mysterious being, and a twist ending. This multiple choice quiz on “The Beast in the Cave” helps English teachers promote homework accountability, evaluate reading comprehension, and save time at home without sacrificing quality in the classroom. An answer key and copy of the public domain narrative are included. Materials are delivered in printable Word Document and PDF formats. By completing this assessment, students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • Setting
  • The allegedly health-restoring benefits of the setting
  • The narrator’s characterization as conveyed in the exposition
  • The reason for the narrator’s sudden terror
  • The narrator’s method of self-defense
  • A complication the narrator faces
  • An incident that reflects a change in the narrator’s fortunes
  • The physical attributes of the injured creature