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With this resource students will learn the names of the following body parts in Spanish: head, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, shoulder, hand, leg, tongue, stomach, elbow, fingers, foot, arm, hair, nails. They will also be able to tell if a part hurts, its itchy, dry, short or long with the writing practice included. The repetition of each will be key in this resource as student uses each word in a sentence and matches the word to its correct translation.


  • 16 body cards
  • 16 flashcards
  • matching the body parts
  • writing with the names of the body parts
  • translating the names of the body parts from Spanish to English
  • translating the names of the body parts from English to Spanish
  • matching parts of the body
  • answer key

This set can be used for students who speak English and are trying to learn Spanish or for students who speak Spanish and are trying to learn English.

Each cards has a pronunciation aid for Spanish.




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