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The Five Pillars of Islam is a resource for young Muslims and any person interested in the religion of Islam.


  • Activity and review of Shahadah (profession of faith)
  • Activity and review of Salah (5 daily prayers)
  • Activity and review of Sawn (fasting)
  • Activity and review of Zakah (almsgiving)
  • Activity and review of Hajj (pilgrimage)
  • Review Time! Identify the five pillars of Islam
  • Review Time! Matching vocabulary
  • Review Time! Completing sentences regarding the five pillars
  • Review Time! Tell how faith increases performing the five pillars
  • answer key


By kiddos knowing the five pillars of Islam they know what is expected of them as a young Muslim reaching the age of maturity and how they can make a difference in their community by spreading the message of Islam.

Kiddos can complete the work independently or with the aid of an adult.



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