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Evaluate general reading comprehension, promote homework accountability, and eliminate take-home assessment planning with this bundle of instructional resources covering The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. Included are formative quizzes, a summative test, and answer keys. All materials are delivered as both Word Documents and PDFs. A breakdown of each individual resource’s content follows.

Chapters 1-3. Questions pertain to the following key details:

  • Historical context
  • Setting
  • Environmental conditions
  • Tom Joad’s 4-year stay
  • Tom Joad’s conviction
  • The interaction between Tom Joad and the driver
  • Tom Joad’s irritability
  • Workers vs. owners
  • The incident with the turtle

Chapters 4-6. Questions pertain to the following key details:

  • An encounter with Jim Casy
  • Jim Casy’s former profession
  • Jim Casy’s revelation
  • Jim Casy’s philosophical/religious belief
  • Tom’s conviction
  • Tom’s experience in prison
  • Tom’s farm
  • The eviction of farmers
  • What happened to Tom’s family
  • The family’s work
  • Where Tom and his acquaintances sleep

Chapters 7-9. Questions pertain to the following key details:

  • Narration of a used car salesman
  • Taking advantage of departing families
  • Uncle Tom’s guilt
  • Ma and Pa Joad’s reaction to Tom’s return
  • Granma’s request at breakfast
  • Tom’s youngest brother, Al
  • Narration of tenant farmers
  • Talk of material possessions and memories of home
  • Pawning belongings

Chapters 10-12. Questions pertain to the following key details:

  • Granma’s concern about California
  • Granpa’s intentions upon getting to California
  • The family pawning their possessions
  • The purpose of a family meeting
  • The activities following the family meeting
  • Muley Graves bidding goodbye
  • Granpa’s surprising reaction to departing
  • The method of halting a protest
  • Farmers’ worries about transportation and travel
  • The narrator’s assessment of corporate farmers
  • Treatment of farmers and their observations on a typical journey west

Chapters 13-15. Questions pertain to the following key details:

  • The family driver
  • Ma Joad’s perspective on the future
  • Al’s conflict with a gas station attendant
  • An incident involving the family dog
  • The family’s reaction to Oklahoma City
  • The Wilsons’ background
  • Sudden death of a family member
  • The influx of farmers posing a perceived threat to citizens of western states
  • Truckers and the coffee shop
  • A request of Mae
  • A shift in Mae’s reaction to patrons of the coffee shop

Chapters 16-18. Questions pertain to the following key details:

  • Ma’s reaction to Rose of Sharon’s news
  • An engine issue with the Wilsons’ vehicle
  • Ma’s disagreement with Tom and Casy’s decision
  • Spending the night at a roadside camp
  • Conditions for migrant farmers in California
  • The creation of larger migrant family communities
  • A degrading term for migrant families
  • Noah’s life-changing decision
  • A gravely ill character
  • Agricultural inspectors stopping the family
  • Sad news shared with the family

Chapters 19-21. Questions pertain to the following key details:

  • California’s history
  • American squatters’ sense of entitlement to land
  • The perceived threat of the Okies
  • Granma’s body
  • Hoovervilles
  • The characterization of Floyd Knowles
  • The reason for an employment “blacklist”
  • A mistake Connie thinks he and Rose of Sharon made
  • The arrest of Floyd Knowles
  • Tom tripping the police officer
  • Casy’s willingness to take the fall
  • Uncle John’s dejection
  • Tom’s belief the family needs to move on before more trouble erupts
  • An armed, angry mob

Chapters 22-24. Questions pertain to the following key details:

  • Life in the government-sponsored camp
  • The generosity of Timothy and Wilkie Wallace
  • The demands of the Farmers’ Association
  • “Red agitators”
  • The Farmers’ Association’s plan to cause trouble
  • Mrs. Sandy’s scary warning to Rose of Sharon
  • Ma’s feelings of sadness and loss
  • Ezra Huston’s big responsibility
  • The mountain men of Akron, Ohio
  • The “turkey shoot”

Chapters 25-27. Questions pertain to the following key details:

  • Destruction of excess crops/food
  • Duration of time spent at Weedpatch camp
  • Ma’s decision to move the family onward
  • Complications in preparations to leave
  • An offer to pick peaches
  • Ma’s interaction with the Hooper Ranch clerk
  • The re-appearance of Jim Casy
  • A strike against the Hooper Ranch
  • The death of Jim Casy
  • Tom’s reaction to the death of Jim Casy
  • A decision to leave the peach farm

Chapters 28-30. Questions pertain to the following key details:

  • The Joads’ financial situation
  • Ruthie’s fight and revelation
  • Tom’s reflective thoughts
  • Tom’s significant decision
  • Al and Agnes’s decision to get married
  • Horrendous weather conditions
  • How to men may remain strong according to the women
  • The need to build an embankment
  • Rose of Sharon’s stillborn child
  • Rose of Sharon’s role in trying to save a dying man

Summative Test. This end-of-unit test covers the entirety of The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. An answer key is included. With this assessment, which is delivered in printable Word Document and PDF formats, high school English Language Arts teachers will be able to evaluate students’ abilities to do the following:

  • Accurately recall details associated with characters, setting, and plot
  • Demonstrate awareness of historically relevant events
  • Apply knowledge of various literary devices such as symbolism, oxymoron, personification, hyperbole, simile, metaphor, allusion, dynamic character, and more
  • Analyze the greater significance of given quotes or details
  • Write ideas with clarity, accuracy, and precision