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Evaluate general reading comprehension and promote homework accountability with this editable quiz on chapters 25 through 27 of The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. An answer key is provided. Materials are delivered in a zip file as both Word Documents and PDFs. By taking this assessment, students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • Destruction of excess crops/food
  • Duration of time spent at Weedpatch camp
  • Ma’s decision to move the family onward
  • Complications in preparations to leave
  • An offer to pick peaches
  • Ma’s interaction with the Hooper Ranch clerk
  • The re-appearance of Jim Casy
  • A strike against the Hooper Ranch
  • The death of Jim Casy
  • Tom’s reaction to the death of Jim Casy
  • A decision to leave the peach farm