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If you are looking for a social studies review activity that will keep your students totally focused for the big test review, covering the The Great Depression and the New Deal, then the Great Depression and the New Deal BINGO Review Game is just what you need. The BINGO game consists of 36 different BINGO game cards, a master game board, and 35 question cards.

Why do teachers love this review activity?
⭐Once you prep, you can use it over and over.
⭐Use it for the big test review and also as a refresher right before end-of-course exams.
⭐It’s a high engagement activity that will keep your students totally engaged.

Topics Include:
Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA), Black Tuesday, Bonus Army, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Father Coughlin, Court-packing scheme, Dust Bowl, Fireside Chats, FDIC, First Hundred Days, Glass-Steagall Act, John Steinbeck and The Grapes of Wrath, Hawley-Smoot Tariff, Herbert Hoover, Hoovervilles, Huey P Long and “Share the Wealth”, Douglas MacArthur, National Labor Relations Act, New Deal, New York Stock Exchange, National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA), Okies, “Relief, Recovery, Reform”, Revenue Act of 1935, Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin D Roosevelt, Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Social Security Act, soup kitchens, speculation, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Dr. Francis Townsend, Wagner Act, Works Progress Administration (WPA)

If some of the terms do not align with your standards, simply cross out the terms that do not align and fill in with another term.

PowerPoint: jpg.

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Georgia Standards:
✔ SSUSH16 The student will identify key developments in the aftermath of WW I.
✔ SSUSH17 The students will analyze the causes and consequences of the Great Depression.
✔ SSUSH18 The students will describe Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal as a response to the Depression and compare the ways government programs aided those in need.

The Great Depression and New Deal BINGO Review Game is copyright protected by Betsey Zachry, Zachry’s Game Room, and Time Travel thru History. It is unlawful to reproduce the game in any form with the intent of resale or distribution. This game is intended for single-classroom use only, by the purchaser.