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Help middle and high school students improve fluency, stamina, text comprehension, and close reading analysis of the formal elements of fiction with this bundle of resources for teaching “The Hare and the Hedgehog” by the Brothers Grimm. Included are the following: a self-grading, plot based quiz; a worksheet composed of high-order questions; a copy of the public domain short story (estimated Lexile Measure of 1000-1100); and answer keys. Materials are delivered in Word Document and PDF formats. 

By completing the quiz, students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • Point of view
  • Setting
  • Character actions and descriptions
  • The hedgehog’s insecurity
  • The wager between the hare and the hedgehog
  • The wife’s role in the hedgehog’s plan
  • The fate of the hare
  • Theme

By completing the close reading activity, students will:

  • Identify what the text states explicitly as well as implicitly
  • Discern the target audience of the narrative
  • Apply knowledge of alliteration, assonance, sibilance, simile, and dramatic irony to the text
  • Discern the meaning of complex phrases in context
  • Discern the tone of a particular excerpt
  • Discern the most accurate characterization of the hedgehog
  • Articulate the consequence of the hare’s stubbornness
  • Compare and contrast the hare and the hedgehog
  • Cite textual evidence to support claims and ideas
  • Write with clarity and precision