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Who doesn’t enjoy an ice-cold soft drink or soda pop on a warm summer day? But where did soda pop originate and why are there so many different brands and flavors? What was the first soda pop? (Hint: It was not Coca-Cola). This informative text is the history of soda pop in the United States, from its origins as a health tonic in the 1830s to the diet sodas of today.

The product includes:

1) An effervescent and informative 850-word informational passage titled “The History of Soda Pop.”

2) A total of 35 questions, from basic vocabulary and comprehension to deeper thinking, written to align with Common Core Standards RI.4.1, RI.4.5, L.4.5c, and RH.6-8.8

3) An additional crossword puzzle for your early finishers or as an alternative form of assessment.

4) Answers to every question.