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This is a set of activities for teaching younger students about the human body. The materials in this resource introduce six of the major body systems, their functions, and main organs in each system. Students will also complete activities about keeping your body healthy, the fives senses, and how germs make us sick.




Body Systems Anchor Charts: This is a set of posters that explain the function of six major body systems – circulatory, digestive, muscular, nervous, respiratory, and skeletal. Each includes a diagram showing the main parts or organs.


Body Systems Matching Cards: These can be used in a center or glued into interactive notebooks. Six cards show a picture of a body system and six cards have a description of the function and parts. Students match each picture card to its corresponding description.


The Human Body Cut & Glue Worksheet: Students cut out pictures of six organs/parts and glue them under the system it belongs to. They use a word bank to complete six cloze sentences about the function of those same body parts.


My Amazing Body Diagram: Students glue each body part onto the body to complete the diagram.


Human Body Riddles Foldable: Can be used in interactive notebooks or glued onto paper. Students read six riddles and glue the matching body part under each.


The Five Senses Cut & Glue Worksheet: Students will identify the function of each sense and complete a crossword puzzle with vocabulary about the senses.


Taking Care of Your Body Worksheet: Students will sort and glue habits to show if they are healthy or unhealthy.


Germs Reading Comprehension: Students will read a passage about germs and answer questions using information from the text.