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Help students learn important vocabulary when introducing or reviewing a unit on sound and light waves with this word search worksheet. The kids will enjoy themselves searching for the hidden words and will be reviewing meaning and spelling as they have fun. The definitions for the 23 hidden words are included making this a great tool for review.

Puzzlers must look for the words in all directions and the words overlap somewhat making this a challenging puzzle. Use this for a handout for early finishers or as a fun at home or classroom activity.

RESOURCE UPDATE: This now includes two versions of the puzzle. One version has the word to search for along with its definition. The second version has only the definitions. It is up to the students to find the word described by the definition. This is, of course, more challenging!

The vocabulary words covered are: Absorption, Amplitude, Crest, Decibel, Diffraction, Echo, Electromagnetic Wave, Frequency, Intensity, Interference, Light Wave, Mechanical Wave, Medium, Period, Reflection, Refraction, Resonance, Resting Position, Sound Wave, Speed, Trough, Wave, Wavelength

Solutions included.